Savouring the last dregs of winter

It’s no secret that I’m a big food lover. I’m obsessed with plants, so how could I not be intrigued by the possibilities of growing, harvesting and cooking food plants. But food is more than sustenance - it’s a meal, a feast even, best shared with others.

I know there are thousands of phenomenal cook books and food blogs out there, yet, I itch to try my hand at some recipe illustration that doesn’t just decorate a recipe with images but actually conveys an inherent mood, that sketches an ambiance that reveals the stark difference between a solitary meal on the couch and a shared dinner with many people, interwoven with human stories and emotions and wine and gratitude.

Here’s a Cape brandy tart recipe I made the other night for dessert after serving a hearty Italian bean stew:

Blog_Brandewyntert recipe.jpg